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Alan Blundell


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Submit your photographs to be exhibited in our 'Photography With Impact" gallery.

For every 100 views we donate $1 to the Mental Health Foundation of NZ.

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Stand Out and Grow

We feature and promote our most active members. This is a great chance to share your expertise and learn from others.  


With our 'Fair Trade Photography' concept, when you sell your photos on Excio, you receive 50% from the full price and we donate 10% to a charity on your behalf.  

One Foot Island, Aitutaki, Cook Islands,

"In a world where social media like Instagram is oversaturated; where a staggering 95 million photos and videos are being uploaded into Instagram every day, it is more difficult than ever for a photograph to have an impact. There is a community that changes everything... Excio"

Maria Ligaya Photography

What Our Members Say

I was attracted by Excio’s ‘mission statement’ that identified the importance of the stories behind images and the need to go beyond superficial social media popularity to do real good. When I made contact with Excio my questions were quickly and comprehensively answered by not just a real person, but the CEO and Co-founder of Excio, Ana.


Peter Laurenson, Photographer

Stoked to be included together with such a great group of photographers and their images.” 

Jamie Richards,

I just LOVE what is happening with your community!” 

Vicky O'Connor, Photographer

I feel as though it is my duty to use my skill and my profession to do some good around me. If I have the gift of giving memories, it makes me happy to use it for people who need it most.” 

Parmeet Sahni,

Soulful Memories Photography

Thanks Ana Lyubich for somehow finding my work and approaching me to do the interview and become a member. Part of me feels like a fraud (like, there are so many great NZ photographers around, how can this be me here?), and the other part feels super proud of myself.” 

Lynn Fothergill,

Serendipity Photography

"I have enjoyed my association with Excio. Thank you for this opportunity to clarify my thinking about what photography means to me and the way that I approach the photographic process. Photography is definitely for the people as is my other interest- poetry."

Margaret Jeune,


Recently I became a member of this amazing community called Excio. And I was fortunate enough to have one of my images in their latest new best uploads.

The app is free for those wishing to just view images. Check it out! There are some amazing images on it. Your support and interest in my work have been quite humbling. 😍” 

Rochelle Marshall,

Dark Sapphire Photography

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