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"We believe that photography is about doing some good in society by communicating a message, a story or an issue. It is about the impact that photography can have for the good of a community and you as a photographer. For us it’s not about social media influence, likes or commercialising benefits."

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I was attracted by Excio’s ‘mission statement’ that identified the importance of the stories behind images and the need to go beyond superficial social media popularity to do real good. When I made contact with Excio my questions were quickly and comprehensively answered by not just a real person, but the CEO and Co-founder of Excio, Ana.” 

- Peter Laurenson, Photographer

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We celebrate and promote the work of our members on our Excio App (200k + downloads), features on our Blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels (20k+ reach) and publishing in our very own magazine (10k+ readers). Here are some of our recent blogs...

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