Global network of passionate ethical photographers who care

Photo by Brad Crocker

Here are some of the causes we support through our members:

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We partnered with

Nature First Alliance -

an international community of photographers engaged in nature conservation. We strongly believe in following responsible practices when taking photos and encourage

our members to do the same. 


Photography helps with mental health issues and is a welcome distraction when there is too much stress in our lives.  We are proud to support Mental Health Foundation with regular donations thanks to our "Photography With Impact" gallery. 



When so many people are on the hunt for selfies and that perfect shot 'for the gram', our environment often suffers ("That Wanaka Tree"). We think it is only fair if we make a contribution to plant more trees on behalf of our members.

One Foot Island, Aitutaki, Cook Islands,

"In a world where social media like Instagram is oversaturated; where a staggering 95 million photos and videos are being uploaded into Instagram every day, it is more difficult than ever for a photograph to have an impact. There is a community that changes everything... Excio"

Maria Ligaya Photography


Started in New Zealand, Excio has grown into a global community of passionate photographers who are committed to making a positive change in the world.


Ana Lyubich

Co-founder, CEO

Ana’s photography journey started with one of the first Kodak film cameras. She is a passionate rebel advocating for the power of photography and against the sea of 'sameness' on social media. 

Emily Goodwin


Emily fell into photography a little over 10 years ago. She is passionate about documenting her travels and loves to spend time in nature capturing the details and wider views.   

Ivan Dojchinovski

Community Manager

Nature lover and photography enthusiast, Ivan is the one making sure our members are happy and he decides what is featured, when, and where on our social media channels.

Kristina Taneska

Community Helper

Kristina is our right-hand person, doing amazing work behind the scenes, curating new members, managing our 'Feel Good' gallery, challenges' submissions and Blogs.

Amol Nakve

Ambassador for India, Bangladesh and Nepal

Passionate about photography, travel and everything Excio does, Amol is helping us spread the word about #PhotographyForGood on the Indian subcontinent.

Federico Fiorillo

Blog Writer

A citizen of the world. Travelling to the great wilderness areas of our beautiful planet to reconnect with nature, push boundaries and capture the beauty that surround us. 

Angelo Zinna

Blog Writer

Experienced travel writer and photographer. Silver Medal at the NATJA awards in the Historical Travel section in 2018. Contributor at Lonely Planet, Matador Network, GUP, and now, Excio...

Kim Feldmann

Blog Writer

Hailing from the coastal city of Florianópolis in Brazil, Kim is very passionate about writing, travelling and photojournalism, sharing real stories and thought-provoking articles.