Help Us Capture

ANZAC Day Nationwide

"Your legacy is a footprint in the sand of time." 

Henry Longfellow

The memories you create live in others — they become part of who they are. As a photographer you can change others by preserving and sharing historical moments.

Try your skills in photojournalism - visit ANZAC event this year and capture the day in history.

Last year we all commemorated WWI in isolation, at home. This year we want your help in taking photographs of what ANZAC events take place in your area.

Submit your photographs

You can submit your work by 30 April 2021 using the form below.


The most interesting photos will become part of New Zealand history as we collate them into one big gallery commemorating ANZAC Day all across New Zealand.


If your work is selected we will also invite you to join our Excio Media squad where you will have some special benefits in capturing events.