As photographers, books are a never-ending resource to help us learn from the masters, pick up tips on techniques, and inspire our work in new ways. We invite you to buy a photography book, create your own photo book, and/or take photos of your favourite books on this special day for bookworms!

Every year on April 23 we have World Book and Copyright Day, created to enhance the importance of books as an element of creativity and personal and collective growth. Books represent an indispensable means of deepening and getting to know ourselves, others, and the world, especially in times of uncertainty and precariousness when they help us to look forward with confidence.

If photography is the most important way to improve and create increasingly valid images, a photography book remains the best way to increase visual culture, learn techniques, find ideas, tips and inspiration.


Remington Typewriter by Damon Marshall

The importance of photography books

Practice alone is not enough, reading helps a lot and there's something about turning paper pages that simply cannot be beaten versus scrolling online where you're easily distracted by external links and ads. Photography books are and will always be fundamental in learning this vast subject, both for beginners and for those who already have experience. It’s necessary to know the great photographers and their experiences behind the camera, learning about their masterful photographs and their personal vision of this form of expression. There are books of great interest and academic value, books on photographic technique to alternate with those on the history of photography, all sources of enrichment of our knowledge that can shape our way of photographing.

Monographs and photographic books by Salgado, McCurry, Erwitt, Henri Cartier-Bresson, or even collections of the great photographs of Magnum or other famous collectives are invaluable sources of inspiration that every photographer should collect and study, breaking each image down to its essential elements and assimilating the style in your own work.

Excio members have also mentioned the following books as being invaluable: "Why Photographs Work" by George Hurrell, "The Mind's Eye: Writings on Photography" and "Photographer" by Henri Cartier-Bresson, "The Art of Movement" by Ken Browar, and "SNAP Music Photography" Volume 1 by Neil Mackenzie Matthews. Then of course there are exciting publications coming out soon from our own members including Eli Matityahu's Fine Art Photography book titled "Architectural Portraits". The book presents a selection of his photographic works created between 2015-2020 that reflect his passion for abstract architectural photography including iconic, contemporary, and groundbreaking architecture from Israel and around the world. Follow Eli Matityahu on Excio to be the first to know when his book is published.


The Oculus by Eli Matityahu

Copyrights for the photographer

In our image-propelled social media era it’s very important to understand and protect the importance of Copyright. Photographic works, like books, are works of creative ingenuity and are protected both from a moral and patrimonial point of view. The photographer who created the photographic work is the owner of all related rights. The photographer has the right to use the work created from an economic point of view, in an exclusive way. This means that no one else, unless authorised, will be able to do the same. Furthermore, the photographer alone is able to duplicate the image, transform it, process it, distribute it, exhibit it, lend it or rent it.

Unfortunately nowadays, in our highly digitalised era, the copyrights of photographs especially the ones you offer for sale, are often ignored by big international stock image libraries and in some cases, they may even continue selling your work when you have closed your account with them. At Excio we couldn't just sit on the fence seeing all this happening so we developed our own 'Fair Trade Photography' concept and launched the ExcioShop which is currently in Beta.

Remington # 12.jpg

Remington by Lorraine Neill

Celebrating this special day

To celebrate World Book & Copyright Day, go down to your local book store and get yourself a copy of a photographic book, let us know in the comments what you've ordered or purchased! You might also choose today to start working on your own photo book, if you've already created one be sure to share it with us! Alternatively, pick up your camera and capture your favourite books whether these be photography books, old classics, or modern novels - you can share your book images and links plus recommendations at the new Excio Facebook Group.

Precious Memories - Anita Ruggle.png

Precious Memories by Anita Ruggle

This is my Mothers old cook book ,it has been well used and shows lots of wear and tear. Mum was and still is always on the hunt for four-leaf clovers. When ever she found a four leaf clover she placed it in her book to press it.