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Photo by Tony Gorham

For all skill levels, interests and types of camera gear.

With our weekly photo challenges you will always know why you are taking part in the challenge and how the photos you take can help others. 


By contributing to Excio every member helps other members to learn, and in return they learn and grow themselves - a perpetuum mobile! Every week we select the most interesting submission and promote it through our channels to celebrate your #PhotographyForGood efforts.

Most Photo Challenges

May add unnecessary pressure by turning your hobby into more of an obligation rather than enjoyment.

Your participation may be limited due to your camera gear, your skills or your knowledge.

Expect you to find additional information yourself.

Lack the reason 'why'. What will happen with your photographs when the challenge is over?

May ask you to pay to increase your chances of winning.


Support your passion for photography by inspiring you with ideas and offering learning tips. You decide what to photograph and when.

Our topics are theme-specific, not genre-focused. Whether you love landscapes or macro photography, have a DSLR or point-and-shoot - makes no difference to us.

Learn as you go with our member-only Blog posts, and ask our experts any time via community chat.

You will always know why you are taking part in the challenge, and how the photos you take can help others.

At Excio, photographs are appreciated for their meaning and power, not for their dollar value.