New Plymouth Jan 2020_4 PETER LAURENSON


Earth Mother by Peter Laurenson

'Hine Ahu One' - translated 'First woman formed from Papatuanuka' - Earth Mother. A stone carving by local artist - Reece Rongonui at Te Kainga Marire private gardens, Spencer Place, New Plymouth, New Zealand.

The establishment of World Earth Day is due to John McConnell, a peace activist who was also interested in ecology: he believed that human beings have an obligation to take care of the earth and share resources fairly. In October 1969, during the UNESCO Conference in San Francisco, McConnell proposed a day to celebrate the life and beauty of the Earth and to promote peace. For him, the celebration of life on Earth also meant warning everyone of the need to preserve and renew the threatened ecological balance, on which all life on the planet depends.

Damon - Delicate mushroom fungi.jpeg

Delicate mushroom fungi by Damon Marshall

A pair of thin translucent mushrooms shining in beautiful morning sunlight

If you’ve been with us for a while you will know how we encourage the importance of responsible photography and how it’s possible to support important causes through our work. You might also know how we've partnered with Nature First Alliance – an international community of photographers engaged in nature conservation.


Fur seal pup at sunrise by Kim Free

A very cute NZ fur seal pup at sunrise in Kaikoura.

Nature First Alliance lists a series of principles that every photographer should keep in mind when out shooting in mother nature’s realm. A responsible and mindful approach to photography includes prioritising the well-being of nature over photography and being aware of the possible impact of your actions, doing the best you can to leave no trace of your being there behind, leaving the environment in a better state than you found it in, as well as educating and promoting these principles to fellow photographers.

At Excio, we’re fully committed to following a more nature-aware approach whilst continuing our passion for photography and we strive to stimulate our members to follow these principles and do #good.

Paula HQ.jpg

How Small? by Paula Vigus

'Whilst I do have a fungi collection, I have chosen this image to start off my "Life as we may not know it" collection due to it's size against the planet. This tiny specimen was barely 2mm across and growing on a decaying leaf. It takes a well trained eye to spot and a handy macro lens to capture. Without a love for photography, I would never stop and look at the world going by right under our noses.