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At Excio we believe in #PhotographyForGood. Photography has the power to capture moments and stop time - what we photograph today may not exist tomorrow. Wellington as we see it today is not like it was 10 or 100 years ago. Thanks to the photographs someone took many years ago, architects and engineers have been able to restore some buildings as close to their original look as possible. On the other hand, some buildings are no longer standing today and only exist in photographs.


The aim of this photo quest is to capture as many buildings as possible whilst also finding out about their history so that we can showcase the look of our city as it is now and preserve it for future generations.

What to Do

Walk along the heritage trail you see on the map and take photos of as many heritage buildings as you can

Find out more information about the heritage sites and get tips on Excio app 

(Download for Android or iOS -> Members -> Wellington City Archives -> Heritage Walk)

Submit your best photos using the form below by 10 November 2019 - don't forget to mention where you took the photo

Selected photographs will be featured on the Excio Blog and in issue 26 of NZPhotographer Magazine

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