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Turn your favourite photos into stunning wallpapers that will be displayed on thousands of mobile devices as wallpapers and widgets.

Receive on-demand constructive feedback on your photographs from our community of reviewers.


What is Excio?

Excio (lat. excite, evoke) is a new generation community for passionate photographers and image lovers.


Our free Excio mobile app displays photographs from our members as wallpapers and widgets on mobile devices making every day brighter and more interesting for thousands of people worldwide.

Be discovered

Turn your favourite photos into stunning wallpapers that people will see on their devices worldwide and drive quality traffic to your website or social media accounts. 


Your photo will be securely featured as a wallpaper on Android devices or as an on-screen widget on iPhones. Download the app on your phone and see for yourself, it's free.


Get feedback

As part of your membership you can select an on-demand service where our review team writes constructive feedback report on your photos. 

The feedback you receive will help you develop your skills, build confidence and increase the strength of your portfolio.

Add a professional touch to your photographs with an instant free portfolio, so you can have it handy any time and anywhere.

Enjoy a new look instantly

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