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Susan Blick Excio Photo Community

“I'm often asked how I secured photography gigs with National Geographic UK and Indonesia Tourism for example. The simple answer is through exposure. There is little point in buying expensive camera gear and travelling to the world's most photogenic places if you leave all your fabulous encounters on your hard drive. One of the newest and increasingly pertinent ways is to join Excio Photo Community. Excio not only offers you the chance to showcase your photography, but you can also join Zoom chat meetings, have your photography story told through their Blog, and collaborate with them.” 

Susan Blick Photography


Publish With a Purpose

We regularly showcase the most interesting work that has been uploaded to Excio on our Feel Good Photography page. For every 100 visitors who come and explore the page we make a donation to the charity chosen by our members.


Giulio D'Ercole, Italy


Ian Cooper, New Zealand

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To reward your #PhotographyForGood efforts, our goal is to make sure as many people as possible see your work.

We do all the work by continuously selecting and sharing your collections to promote you on all our channels for thousands of people to see.

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We don't care how many likes or followers you have. You and your work is at the heart of what we do.


Your photos get the attention they deserve instead of competing with cat memes and duck faces.


Unlimited access to hundreds of articles and interviews.


Your copyrights fully protected on all our platforms and on the app.


We help you build your credibility and authority by supporting your #PhotographyForGood efforts.


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Everyone Has an Inner Photographer Waiting to Be Discovered

But sometimes it feels pretty impossible...


I don't have money to invest



I don't have enough time


Impostor Syndrome

I'm scared I'm not good enough

impostor syndrome
perfection paralysis

I don't know where to start

Perfection Paralysis

...We've all been there so

We Have Defined a Clear Path to Help You Start


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Be Rewarded

Being published on Excio is a great achievement! Your work  will be visible to thousands of people instantly. 


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Every week receive a list of activities, fun challenges and useful articles to help you grow as a photographer.


Have Fun

Find new like-minded friends and join with others. Ask questions on our forum, online chats and learning activities.

INR 2200/year

They Made It... and So Can You

I was attracted by Excio’s ‘mission statement’ that identified the importance of the stories behind images and the need to go beyond superficial social media popularity to do real good. When I made contact with Excio my questions were quickly and comprehensively answered by not just a real person, but the CEO and Co-founder of Excio, Ana.


Peter Laurenson, Photographer

Thanks Ana Lyubich for somehow finding my work and approaching me to do the interview and become a member. Part of me feels like a fraud (like, there are so many great NZ photographers around, how can this be me here?), and the other part feels super proud of myself.” 

Lynn Fothergill,

Serendipity Photography

Stoked to be included together with such a great group of photographers and their images.” 

Jamie Richards, Goodshirt.co

I just LOVE what is happening with your community!” 

Vicky O'Connor, Photographer

I feel as though it is my duty to use my skill and my profession to do some good around me. If I have the gift of giving memories, it makes me happy to use it for people who need it most.” 

Parmeet Sahni,

Soulful Memories Photography

Recently I became a member of this amazing community called Excio. And I was fortunate enough to have one of my images in their latest new best uploads.

The app is free for those wishing to just view images. Check it out! There are some amazing images on it. Your support and interest in my work have been quite humbling. 😍” 

Rochelle Marshall,

Dark Sapphire Photography


Take Your Passion for Photography to a Whole New Level


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Join activities even if you are not ready to publish a collection!



By publishing your photos on Excio you will be helping a charity of your choice with our  Feel Good Photography initiative.



Unlimited access to hundreds of articles and interviews, updated weekly. Learn from 60+ photo reviews on our Blog or ask for expert critique.



Create multiple collections and have your images always on display with our Excio app  and your own instant online album at excio.gallery/yourname



Securely showcase your work and ask questions with our members' only private forum. Join our live online Q&A calls and offline events.



Dozens of opportunities to have your work showcased and celebrated in the Excio Blog, newsletter and social media every month.



Grow with our weekly challenges while helping #PhotographyForGood movement. Take new photos or submit the ones you have. 

INR 2200/year

Frequently asked questions


Are my images sold through your site?


No, we are not involved in any sale/purchase activities.


Does Excio use my images to earn money?


No. Excio does not use advertising and will never sell your data, clicks on your images or images themselves to any third party. Full stop.


Is making a payment safe on your website?


I've got no time. Is this going to be too much work for me?


Absolutely, it is 100% safe. All payments on our website are processed by the StripeTM payment system, trusted by millions of other merchants and websites.


No. Even if you upload just one photo on Excio, we will continuously and securely display it throughout our channels, so your photographs will be working even when you don't.


Do I need to have an established portfolio to join Excio?


What copyright protection is there for my images?


Absolutely not. We welcome photographers of all levels in our community and if you are just starting out or even thinking where to start then feedback on your work from our team of reviewers will be very helpful.


You retain all copyrights to all images you upload to Excio. Excio users can not download, store or reuse any of your images unless you specifically allow that in settings at the time of uploading/editing images.

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