for Women
Wellington, 30th November, 2019
11am  - 3pm

About The Event

No matter what your skill level, this is a not-to-be missed opportunity to meet like-minded women who share your passion with photography.


Five amazing female speakers from around New Zealand are coming together to share their stories, secrets, and practical photography experience with you. We can guarantee you will leave the event inspired, confident and motivated to push your photographic boundaries further.

Join us in shaping the future of “Photography for Women”.

When: 30th November 2019, 11am - 3pm

Where: Victoria University, School of Architecture and Design



What is Excio?

“Photography for women” is organised by Excio.

Born in New Zealand, Excio has grown into a global community of passionate photographers who are committed to making a positive change in the world, one photo at a time.

We believe that photography is about doing some good in society by communicating a message, a story or an issue. It is about the impact that photography can have. It's not social media influence, number of likes or commercial benefits.


Our members make a real impact and build their confidence by having their images constantly on display to our large audience and growing as photographers.


Parmeet Sahni

In 2014 Parmeet decided to pursue her passion for photography by starting Soulful Memories. A hobbyist turned professional photographer, she believes that photos act as time capsules to relive memories whether it is a shared hug or laughter frozen in time.

Parmeet will be showing her photo exhibition ‘The Gathering of Life' at the event.

Peti Morgan

Peti is a Wellington based photographer. Using the camera as a tool for creative expression, Peti's body of work spans landscape, fine art, travel, and abstract - often centering on the sea, and aspects of nature.


In 2014 Peti received her licentiate honours from the Photographic Society of New Zealand.

Shiffy Lal

Shiffy Lal is the Founder of Making A Difference Skills Ltd and More Than Rubies, a social enterprise that empowers girls and women through practical skills.


When she is not working on changing the world you can find Shiffy pottering in her garden, hanging with her family or day-dreaming about her next holiday.

Fairlie Atkinson

Full time photography teacher and nature lover, Fairlie donates her time and images of wildlife to reserves and conservation efforts. She allows the charities to user images in their advertising in order to help them use their money where they need it rather than on costly photo shoots.

Monica Ferguson

Monica Ferguson is a Portrait Photographer specialising in the ones who call themselves un-photogenic. 


Helping others see their own beauty and worthiness from the outside in has become her mission in life, and has led her to create a podcast called Maiden Speech and also a community group called The Self- Worth Tribe.


11:00     Opening Welcome

Ana Lyubich - Co-founder and CEO, Excio

Tane Moleta - Faculty Curator, School of Architecture and Design

Dr. Mizuho Nishioka - Lecturer in Photography School of Design

11.15     Photography for Women - Speakers

"Capturing stories through my lenses",  with Parmeet Sahni

"When I bring the viewfinder to my eyes, I see stories which I wouldn’t otherwise." 

Parmeet will be sharing her secrets about how she is using her camera as a tool to bring unique journeys and stories to life - Whenever you photograph someone, an essence of their soul is captured in every pixel. 

"Self-Worth & Knowing That You Are Enough",  with Monica Ferguson

Monica will be talking about the importance of understanding the power and responsibility we have as photographers to capture people in front of our cameras in the most real & powerful way.

"Through the Teenage Lens",  with Fairlie Atkinson

Photography teacher Fairlie will be talking about how teens use photography as a vehicle for identity and self expression and how we as women and mentors can help guide them to create positive images and channel their creativity into activism and the exploration of issues in a safe way.

12.30     Refreshments and Networking

Parmeet Sahni: "The Gathering of Life" photo exhibition

13.15     Photography for Women - Speakers


"Photographic reinvention - why it’s essential to your growth as a photographer",  with Peti Morgan

Peti will be sharing the evolution of her photography, the different types of photography she has dabbled in, and how this has contributed to her skills and abilities today. She will illustrate how going deep into learning a style or genre of photography can help all areas of your photographic practice, and how easy it is - with the technology and resources available to us today - to reinvent yourself.

"Say YES to success!", with Shiffy Lal

If you have been holding yourself back - in your career, in your family life, in pursuing your passion or making a difference to others because you are afraid of being successful, this is the session for you. Join Shiffy in this thought-provoking and interactive session as she unpacks what success looks like for you, helps you identify what is holding you back and sharing strategies for how you can move forward to make success happen for you. 


30th November 2019, Wellington

Victoria University, School of Architecture and Design

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