Students discovering the world through mobile phones

This week is orientation week at Victoria University in Wellington and that means lots of young minds will be looking to expand their horizons and take their education to the next level.

We’re thrilled to be spending two days at Victoria University at this exciting time for the curious minds and for those embarking on media or arts degrees, Excio provides a fantastic way to have media rich content streamed directly to their mobile home screen.

Not only will they be able to create their own masterpiece collections on their phone but they’ll get to discover the history behind the piece of art.

We all know how distracting phones can be in the classroom, but by turning them into an educational tool we hope to make the learning experience a whole lot more interactive.

We’ve already received some great feedback from those who’ve used Excio and it’s not just for those studying art or media. Indeed, anyone who wants to open themselves up to new artists and photographers or discover interesting facts about the world around them can benefit from it.

Personalisation of products and services is very important to young people today and we help them create a personalised home screen. We take them away from the stock photography that comes as standard on all phones and turn their device into something that is as unique as they are.

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