Onboarding tips for Excio

You’ll hopefully have seen some of the great images that can be displayed on your home screen thanks to having Excio installed and if you follow us on Facebook you’ll know how evocative images and photography can be.

But do you know how to get the best out of the Excio experience?

We thought we’d share with you some of our top tips on how to enjoy Excio even more.

By Park Troopers

1) Not keen on an image? Double tap left or right to move forward or backward through the collection.

2) You can change how quickly the images rotate by visiting the Settings section within the app.

3) Remember to look at your notification bar which will tell you if there’s a sound or story associated with the image.

4) You can delve deeper and get to know more about the curator of the image/photo by clicking on the Title of the image in your notification bar to find out more.

5) Fancy creating your own collection? No problem. Simply select your favourite images (click Add to Collection button) and add them to your personal collection.

6) Don’t forget to share the images you love with your family and friends to spark a discussion and talk about something interesting rather than reality TV.

7) Like the idea of being a photographer? Upload your own images and share with your friends or open them up to the wider world.

8) Use the filter button in the top right to select the categories of images that you’re interested in.

With book cover images, you can read samples from the book itself and even borrow a book from Overdrive if you are a member of Wellington City Libraries.

Just like with most apps, the more you play around with Excio and the more you explore its potential the greater the benefit you’ll get out of it. We’re always adding new content so it’s always worth checking back in every now and again to add the latest images to your collection or to discover something new.

If you have any feedback on Excio, then we would love to hear it as it’s only through your experiences that we can refine Excio and turn it into something that you can’t live without.

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