How emerging talents use Excio

Exposing yourself! It’s not something that many of us like to do, and yet, that is exactly what all budding photographers and artists have to get to grips with. Exposing their work, that is. But in so doing, they are exposing a part of themselves as photography and art often come from within us.

However, rather than getting too philosophical about all of this, our aim at Excio is to help talented and emerging photographers and artists promote themselves in an innovative and creative way.

By Sylwia Bartyzel

An account with Excio gives aspiring artists and photographers a platform to share their work with a global gathering by making sure their work is never further than an arm’s reach away from their audience.

How do we do this? With some clever tech and by placing artists’ and photographers’ work on the home screens of mobile devices around the world.

An Excio account opens the door for artists and photographers to educate their audience on what the piece is all about. It provides an opportunity for their work to be displayed alongside that of professionals, adding credibility and helping to reach out to new followers.

But more than that. Those new to the world of being an artist or photographer, sometimes have little frame of reference as to what their audience wants and how it’s received. With Excio, budding photographers and artists will see which of their pieces are most appreciated by their followers and the data and insight provided can then be used to shape future projects.

Finding an outlet for all that creativity can often be difficult and while champagne receptions and cavernous art galleries might be reserved for those who have already had their work ‘validated’ by critics, Excio does away with all of that.

We take art and photography direct to the people and allow emerging talent to be exposed in a way like never before.

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