How to Grow on Social Media

Social media is filled with talented photographers from around the world, many of whom have millions of loyal followers. It can be intimidating to imagine yourself trying to succeed in such a tremendously large universe. However, you can thrive in ways that won't be stressful or time-consuming. In addition to that, you can build a warm and ever-growing community with the help of your photographs. Here's how.

By Paula Lavalle

Find the Right Social Platform This is the most important step, one you've probably succeeded at already. Whether you're active on Instagram or on a local art page, you can thrive as an artist. All you have to do is feel comfortable on that platform. If you feel like the odd one out, consider experimenting with other websites. A few you can try out are:

  • Flickr

  • DeviantART

  • 500px

  • Youpic

The more comfortable you feel on a social platform, the easier it'll be to feel passionate about sharing your work with others. Finding the right kind of audience for your work will encourage, inspire, and motivate you.

Be Consistent with the Help of Apps Consistency can be stressful if, along with juggling work obligations, you have to spend hours posting and communicating online. This dilemma can be fixed with the help of apps like Buffer and Hootsuite, scheduling tools that will post your photos days and weeks in advance. With the help of these tools, you won't have to worry about spending a lot of time online. Communication - not posting - will be your only focus, giving you more time to have meaningful virtual conversations.

By Priscilla Du Preez

Connect with People You Admire Not all of your favourite artists have to be uber popular. Some of them can be local artists whose work fills you with inspiration. Even if your favourite photographer does have 100,000 followers, contact them! Let them know that their work is admired. Every connection you make will enrich your online experience as a photographer and lead you to great opportunities. Complimenting other artists will make you feel good about yourself, too, so you won't lose much by making friends online. :)

Find Your Voice Finding your voice will allow you to be as authentic as possible. What kind of tone do you want to have? Which parts of your personality do you want to reveal through your content? The more you understand your voice, the easier it'll be to communicate. As long as you remain authentic, you'll attract the right kind of audience to your work.

To find your voice, just experiment. See what feels right to you during the writing process. If you like writing stories for your photographs, analyze your writing style. Is it humorous, serious, or very descriptive? If you like adding simple captions to your work, analyze them, too.

By Doug Robichaud

Your online progress depends on your authenticity, persistence, and willingness to communicate with others. If you love what you do, let others know about it. Find like-minded people who will encourage you during your journey. Support those who need your help. Eventually, you'll look back on your journey and feel immensely proud of the progress you made. For now, know that every single step matters.

You can do this!

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