An Interview with Wildlife Contest Winner, Jill Lancaster

Jill Lancaster was the winner of our wildlife contest. Her gorgeous photo of a baby monkey gracefully posing for a shot blew us away. Jill was one of many artists who inspired us - we had participants of all backgrounds and ages (including a 9-year-old!) submitting photos taken all over the world. In honour of that, we'll be featuring our favourite submissions in a future magazine issue. Stay tuned!

What inspired you to start taking photos of wildlife?

I love taking photo of animals as it's always a challenge. It's waiting for that exact moment when every thing falls into place.

Please tell us more about 'Monkey of Importance' and what compelled you to capture such a sweet moment.

Babies appeal to almost everyone. Especially monkeys who reflect our own humanness. A emotion/connection is the ultimate in getting a good photo.

What advice would you give to other wildlife photographers?

Who am I to give advice to other wildlife photographers. Each one has their own strengths. I have however recently learnt:

  • To look and wait, relax and be patient.

  • Pre anticipating what may happen and have the setting on your camera ready for it.

  • Look for a good background and best light if possible.

What's the most important lesson that photography has taught you?

Look, and really see. Turn around. There is real beauty in nature, your just need to be able to see it.

Photographers are a strange lot, they can go into raptures over such ordinary things, like light hitting a dead leaf. It is lovely.

Is there anything you wish your younger self knew about photography?

I am still getting there. I am still learning all the lessons. I am often overwhelmed by what there is to learn in photography. I do however love digital photography. I love the experimentation and instant feedback you get with digital. I love the ability to research online different forms of photography. I don't think I would have been a film photographer.

I would probably say, "Go for it, don't be so cautious. Don't waste time, follow where your hear takes you."

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