#featurefriday You Are an Inspiration

By Austin Chan

Inspiration is everywhere, but do you believe that you are an inspiration?

As artists, we often feel that we're not enough. This is often helpful as it pushes us to reach new heights and embrace creative obstacles. On bad days, however, this feeling is just a nuisance.

Whether you're having an unpleasant day or getting ready to conquer the world, the truth is that you're always an inspiration. Even if you don't believe it, your creativity has the power to change mindsets, encourage others to keep going, and spark ideas in an uninspired mind.

Since it's difficult to believe this at all times, we'd like to remind you of your potential using quotes from some of our past interviews. We hope these great and diverse points of view show you just how far you can go.


"Practice. More practice. And then practice some more. Take that tutorial, grow your skill set. Don't be fixated on gear. Go back to practicing and never ever give up."

- Richard Brooker

"You don’t need the best and most expensive gear, just the will and desire to succeed."

- Thomas Brydon

"Look, and really see. Turn around. There is real beauty in nature, your just need to be able to see it."

- Jill Lancaster

"So after a lifetime of taking photos I would have to say that observation and a passion for your subject is the key. And then it is all about training your eye to see the image within the bigger picture."

- Rob Pine

"One of the things I love about taking photos is that it can be interpreted by the viewer an infinite amount of different ways."

- Dean Johns

By Marc-Olivier Jodoin

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