Interview with Wedding Photographer Chris Turner

Chris Turner is a passionate wedding and family photographer who gracefully documents the tenderness of relationships. In this interview, we talk about his impressive beginnings, the power of determination, and his unique photo-taking process.

Please enjoy Chris' amazing work!

How did you become a professional photographer? I've always been interested in photography ever since I was maybe 13? But in 2009 I was asked to shoot a friend of a friend's wedding, I'll say the photos were far from amazing but it definitely planted a seed. From then on I just tried to get whatever I could, shooting weddings stupidly cheap just to try find my way into the industry. Then about 4 years ago I decided to really just take it, I wanted it that bad and just made it happen. I learnt how to price myself and market my work. Determination is the key, extreme determination.

Your gallery is overflowing with stunning wedding and family photos! What does a typical wedding photoshoot look like in your world? If it has people in it it's usually pretty relaxed, I don't do what you call posing really. I just interact with the family or the couple and let them be who they are, in the spot I want with the light I want, and the composition I want. It's important to me that the subjects do not feel posed even though it may be. But generally it's just a super relaxed fun shoot. What advice would you give to photographers who want to capture emotions as successfully as you do? Again it comes down to natural moments, you have to find some kind of connection with the humans you're photographing. Taking photos of people is much more about psychology than actual photography. If it's a family for example, take them for a walk somewhere cool that you think kids will like and just play around, go on an adventure and just capture what happens. One thing I do that helps is hip shooting a lot but this does require a mirror-less camera usually, by hip shooting i'm literally holding the camera down by my waist with the LCD screen folded out.

When faced with a creative/technical obstacle, what do you usually do? One thing a mentor told me was if I ever get stuck, to look for light where there wouldn't normally be. Look for shadows and interesting compositions. What's something you wish every portrait photographer knew? Without emotion there is nothing, it's more important than gear or what you know about the technical aspects of photography.

You can find more of Chris' work on his website.

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