Peter Kurdulija: A Photographer Whose Aim Is To Connect Humanity

We recently interviewed Peter, a Wellington Photographer, for NZPhotographer and are excited to announce that he has joined us on Excio too. Here's a little about the man behind the camera! Read the full interview with Peter in Issue 3 of NZPhotographer Magazine online.

Peter with his camera Sony NEX-5R, 16-50mm lens and his photo "Perpetual Void" on Excio

Peter with his camera Sony NEX-5R, 16-50mm lens and his photo "Perpetual Void" on Excio

Peter, Can you tell us a little about yourself and your photography background?​

I came to NZ in April 1991 on a 3 month visa to visit family, or so I thought. Just at that time was the breakup of Yugoslavia and because it was part of my country I decided not to go back 'home'– Being at war is awful. So I applied for asylum in NZ, it taking 2-3 years until I received my residence permit and citizenship. It was the best decision I’ve made – It is a great place to live and I never had any regrets about it.

Photography is my hobby. It is the way I escape from everything I “have to do”. I want photography to be for me, not driven by clients and customers.

My history of photography started with my Dad – He loved to take photographs of myself and my brother, my family in general. As a teenager and young adult I really loved the magic of making photographs – being closed in a dark room and using the chemicals to make an image appear. You stay there and you are the first one to see the photo appearing – it is absolutely magic!

What inspires you?

I love landscapes and nature. I like to add a twist to the shot with drama and, if I can, add human figures. The presence of humans is really significant as we live in a human-centric, self-centric world. We think that the universe revolves around us but I think it is just the opposite. The small individual figures in my photos are there to show the scale of humanity, the scale of nature and our presence in nature.

What has been your biggest achievement in photography?

There are 2 moments for me... I came 3rd place in the Sony World Photography Awards 2016 with my photo 'They Were Here I Was There'. It was a great moment and gave me lots of exposure.

And the second moment was when my photo was selected for a National Geographic competition. Once you are published in that magazine, you can really say you made it!

Where can we find you online?

I don’t have a website – many people ask me, so I probably should, but I have my 500px profile and Flickr.

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