Interview with Victoria Stoeva

Victoria Stoeva is a passionate artist from Bulgaria. Her photographs are authentic and graceful, a combination that encourages others to find honesty in their own work. Though many of her photographs feature people, she strives to photograph all kinds of beauty. With a portfolio overflowing with travel, portrait, food, and lifestyle photos, Victoria is a tremendous source of inspiration. In this interview, we talk about her interests, why she embraces so many photography genres, and more. Enjoy!

When and why did you start taking photographs?

I started taking photographs a long time ago, in the first years of high school I think. I must have been 15 or 16 years old. I was studying fine arts so taking pictures was a good addition to what I was doing then. I loved finding or creating the objects I wanted to shoot, then taking the photo and at last making it even more my own by playing with color in the different programs. I wanted to collect and create moments and memories.

Your portfolio is beautifully diverse. What inspires you to work within so many genres?

Yes, I love different genres of photography and I shoot different things. And It is because I find beauty and something worth captured everywhere. I love the different genres because of different reasons but this is the main one. We live in such a beautiful world with beautiful light, with beautiful people, with beautiful colors, with even more beautiful emotions, so all of this is worthy of being captured and photographed I think.

Is there anything you wish your younger self knew about photography?

That’s is an interesting question. Photography is a powerful tool to express yourself and it is a form of art. But there are things to be learned, basics to be laid, articles to be read and many photographs to be observed. It’s good and important to receive knowledge and to practice a lot if you want to progress ☺

Your travel photographs are both meaningful and sharp. What advice would you give to budding travel photographers who want to make the most of lighting and spontaneity?

My advice is simple – bring your camera everywhere with you. Even if it’s heavy. I know it is heavy and sometimes you just don’t want to bring it, but bring it. You never know what you will see and when you will see it or when the object that will inspire you will appear or who you will meet. And also – take your time, don’t always be in a hurry. Just sit down somewhere and start observing.

What do you wish every photographer knew?

That they should stick to their own aesthetic every chance they get and not change in order to please somebody. Every one of us is different, even if we are very similar, we are not quite the same and this is amazing, so we have to embrace it. And also if somebody doesn’t like their work or they get rejected it’s not the end of the world. Keep going ☺

You can find more of Victoria's work on her website.

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