Interview with Morgan Lou Wolf

Morgan Lou Wolf is a fine art photographer based in France. Her photography, as she states on her Facebook page, is "an expression of my love of magical light, the surprises found in a forest or wilderness, quiet, delicate but powerful still life and the feeling of Northern Lakes and Fjords and up North nature or the Atlantic West coast peninsula of Brittany's pristine and rugged nature."

We recently had the honour of interviewing Morgan. In this interview, you'll learn more about her source of inspiration, the way she edits photos, and more. Please enjoy her wonderful work!

What inspired you to start taking photographs?

I have always been a nature lover despite the fact that I have lived mostly in big cities: Paris, Toronto, Vancouver. As an artist painter, it was a natural process to me to develop a special interest in photography. My natural environment has always been my first source of inspiration for my creative endeavors. My trips in pristine nature such as forests, rivers, ocean, mountains, have encouraged me in this quest.

Your photos have very soft, elegant colours. What is your editing process like?

As for the post-process of my photographs, it actually depends on each of them. Each photo has a unique kind of post-process work depending on the original. If you refer to the landscapes, they only get the basic editing in PS when needed. You can't touch much foggy landscapes: The natural outcome speaks for itself. Some of them, captured in Norway, did barely need any editing at all because if I start to add too much contrast or over-saturate foggy landscapes, then I would lose the special atmosphere I had captured and wanted to share. Therefore, my foggy mysterious Northern landscapes remain fairly realistic as I am not into over-saturated kind of landscapes. Now, if you think about my macro and botany work, I can spend much more time in creating my wanted effect with mostly artistic filters and work for hours with layers until I am satisfied with the outcome. I am very inspired by such creations. Remember, I am an artist painter as well so I tend to prefer paintings like photographs. I am into pastels, washed out, soft bokeh lights, blurred, great depth of field, creamy background, minimal focus to create a very special kind of work that speaks deeply to my soul.

Who/what is your inspiration?

I am shooting only with natural light, so weather and climate are quite important to me in terms of availability. While living in Norway, our house is at the edge of a forest overlooking an incredible view of the Mjøsa fjord facing South. You guess that the type of light plays a major role in capturing very different kind of atmospheres during the four seasons. This kind of natural settings fairy tale kind of environment is quite inspiring to me for my landscapes photography. Music, poetry, movies are a source of inspiration as well for my artistic creations. What advice would you give to beginners?

First of all, try to learn how to use your camera. I see too many beginners buying expensive cameras who think the camera is going to do all by itself. It won't work if one doesn't know what F value is, or if one can't set a proper shutter speed, etc., then it's a waste. Technique is so important and my teacher would tell you so. Only when you know how to control and use your new camera, then you might have the technical means to develop your own style. I also recommend to watch for composition, overall harmony, balance, straight horizon, soft lights... Don't overdo in post-process such as too much contrast, over saturation.

What's something that you wish every photographer knew?

I think about the photographers who show only one genre, one style. Their viewers might label them as having a specialization as "landscape" or "portrait" photographer. Their judgement may be biased in that respect. They might think that a photographer "should" specialize in only one genre, which is a misconception. However, being motivated and able to photograph about everything: landscapes, portraits, macro, editorials, wildlife, weddings is a real asset for a photographer nowadays. The opposite is also valid thinking that a "complete" photographer who shoots about everything "should" specialize in one "genre"!

You can find more of Morgan's work on DeviantART and Facebook.

You can also buy her prints on Oh My Prints or Society6.

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