How Photography Can Enhance Mental Resilience

With it being Mental Health Week here in New Zealand, and World Mental Health Day this past Wednesday on 10th October, it got us thinking how photography can help us relax, shift our mindset to a more positive outlook, and enhance our mental resilience to the challenges we face in today's fast-paced world, no matter our age.

Each of us have nine emotional needs that must be met and kept in balance in order for us to avoid mental health problems such as anxiety, anger, depression etc. In this blog post we look at the first need we need to meet and how photography can play its part.


In order to maintain our self-esteem, we need to have a sense that we are accomplishing things of value. Photography enables us to recognise, and use, our existing competencies, skills and resources. It also provides us with an opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge. Every photo we take increases our skill and capabilities as a photographer and in general, photography provides an opportunity for us to extend ourselves beyond our comfort zone.

We can set, and achieve, ever more challenging goals for ourselves (e.g. take a photo a day, get a photo published in the local paper, win a prize). And when we achieve our goal(s) we get a wonderful ‘feel-good’ sense of achievement.

There are no limits to what we can achieve through our photography. We can entertain, educate, and influence people. We can even change the world.

Sharing our photographs and getting positive feedback from others builds our confidence, self-belief, and self-worth.

Photography is a great way by which we can proactively contribute to ensuring we meet our Emotional Needs. So grab your camera or phone, get snapping and remember: "When you change your mind you change your life."

We will be covering this topic in-depth in issue 13 (released online 1st November) of the New Zealand Photographer Magazine when we talk with Tony of TY Coaching.

Tony helps individuals to harness the power of their mind to achieve success and well-being in life, work and business. His particular area of expertise lies in helping people to 'change their minds' so they gain freedom from worry, anxiety and stress, overcome limiting beliefs and unhelpful habits. Tony’s solution focused approach to coaching uses a range of techniques drawn from the fields of solution focused coaching, neuroscience, positive psychology and clinical hypnosis.

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