Mini Photo Review Session

There's always room for improvement whether you're an amateur photographer or a pro. In this mini photo review session we see what two photographers make of Amol's photo and how they would improve it.

Larger than Life leaf photo by Amol Nakve

Photo: Larger than Life by Amol Nakve

Review by Allen Keckonen

Founder of Light Leak Photography

​I like the colours going on in this photo, though perhaps a bit more contrast would be nice. The focus on the dried out leaf with a rain drop is nice, especially given the blurred foreground branch that it comes from.

As a minimum, I would suggest removing the rain drop line we see cutting into the top of the image - If there were others it would be fine but one seems out of place.

I was tempted to try a high contrast black and white version of this to see if it works as well as or better than the colour version (see my example, right).

For future work I would suggest being aware of intrusive elements and try different frames/angles where possible but overall, with some mild tweaks, this is a nice image.

Review by: Korry Benneth

GuruShots veteran

Shooting outdoors is often challenging as it doesn't allow much freedom if you want to capture specific light, angle, or scene but that can easily be repaired in post-processing. Next time, Amol could try using flash as flash is the best friend of water drops. Using flash combined with a lower ISO would make the water drops crystal clear and more visible. I think that a cleared photo, without the extra leaves and branches, would look amazing in 16:9 format.

For a more in-depth review of this photo see Issue 16 of NZPhotographer magazine.

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