Photo Review - Harbour Sunset by Dylan Raglan

Panorama of a dramatic Raglan Harbour sunset at low tide.

F3.5, 1/80s, ISO100

Initial Thoughts and Plus Points

Since this shot is really a captivating piece of time caught in a photo, there are a lot of things I like about this photo:

  • Technical. This photo is very well set up with all the right camera settings being selected which puts the photo's quality off the charts.

  • Composition. I just love how everything is so well balanced composition wise, dedicating enough room for the sky section as well as dedicating enough room for the land section as well. It also looks very symmetrical so it's really nice to see it all looking this harmonic. It really does add a great feeling to a photo.

As we can see in the photo above, the ratio of land and sky is almost perfect, which is something that we should always strive for, so that's another great addition to this photo.

  • Colours. The great vibrant colours that are included in this photo rarely go unnoticed. They almost always create that 'eye catching' effect for viewers because vibrant and diverse colours are something that tend to stick out.

  • Colour contrast. While the diverse colours mentioned above are a great addition to a photo, something that helps the photo to stand out even more is the colour contrast. Take a look at the photo explanation.

As we can see, the colour contrast here was done perfectly with the upper part of the photo being brighter and the lower land part of the photo being darker.

  • Water reflections. As we all know, having water reflections in the scene makes the photo interesting for the viewer and gives it an artistic look. But the detail that I really like about the reflections here are the small puddles besides the lake. These smaller puddles with different reflections in each of them are the details that take a photo from being 'good' to 'great'.​

All of the circled ponds have reflections with different arrays of color. They make a great case for colour diversity.

  • Panoramic view. Going for a panoramic format was a nice idea for capturing this landscape because of the bigger cover area which was needed to properly capture all of the beautiful sky colours.

This photo is really high quality and it respects all the photography rules along with some exceptional details that really put this photo on another level. It's not often that I don't have anything that I'd improve on some photo, but this photo was so well done that I really can't see a thing I'd improve!

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