Photo Review - Son by Murray Kinsella

The awakening of a 4 week old baby.

F3.5, 1/10s, 50mm

Initial Thoughts

While there are so many things that would have been done better, I still like one thing particularly about this photo:

Shallow Depth of field - The shallow depth of field in baby photography helps to create a feeling of tenderness which is evident in this photo.


These are the things that I think can be improved upon...


When cropping a photograph, it is important to keep one thing in mind - the “rule of thirds”. It’s a composition rule that suggests we divide our shot and place our main subject on the lines or where the lines meet. This rule cannot be over emphasised as it helps to separate the main subject from the entire photo and also shows the relationship between the subject and its environment.

Compare my crop of the photo below against the original submission to see how I suggest a shot like this should be composed

Camera Shake

Presently, this photo shows motion blur which prevents it from being fully sharp. Camera shake is mostly cause by these two things:

  1. Low Shutter Speed: this simply means using a lower shutter speed to shoot a moving subject

  2. Camera hand holding: this means shooting a photo without mounting the camera on a tripod.

How to avoid Camera Shake

  1. Use a fast shutter speed when you want to still movements in a photo. For example in this photo you used 1/10s if you had used a shutter speed between 1/100s and 1/200s, the photo would have come out sharper. Although fast shutter speed reduces the camera exposure, one can always compensate for the exposure with camera ISO and Aperture.

  2. Get a Tripod. This is one piece of equipment that professional photographers don’t joke with; it helps to stabilize shots even when the shutter speed is low.

Distracting Items

Although I am not sure under what condition this photo was taken, the black thing at the mouth of the baby should have been avoided. It distracts from the entire photo greatly.

There are also two black spots at the lower right of the photo. The photographer could have avoided them if it were possible or have removed them in post production as I have done on the photo below. Remember, it's always better to get the shot right from the beginning so as to reduce the time spend on post production.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Creating a good image requires spending more time looking and planning than clicking the shutter button itself. All basic photography 'rules' should be considered before the photo is taken.

See what you can produce next time as you take the above points into consideration - We'd love to see how you improve. If you want a second opinion on your photos or grow your skills by getting reviews and learning from mistakes, explore our Excio membership options.

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