Photo Review - 'The Cicada' by Liza D.

"I really love these noise little creatures. Amazingly like clockwork they come out every 13 or 17 years and spend most of their lives underground. Cicadas are the sound of the NZ summer!"

F4.5, 30s, ISO100

Initial Thoughts by Reviewer

This is one interesting photo. I love how all the details on the bug are easily visible. What I like the most (and what most photographers often forget about) is that you captured bug’s eyes. Good job on that.

Taking This Photo to the Next Level One of the things that could be improved upon is composition. With the subject placed so low it’s not getting all of the attention it should get. It would be good if background was interesting, like some colourful flowers or rain or something similar, but with plain road and grass background it’s not the best choice. When making a close-up photo, you should aim to fill the frame as much as possible, and if that’s not possible then try placing the object as close to the middle as possible. Perfect placement would be somewhere in this range:

I understand it’s not always possible to place the moving object where we want it, that’s why we have zoom and post processing.

Now that we have a bug so nicely zoomed in and placed in the middle, you can see that some parts of it are out of focus.

That is due to just a bit too shallow depth of field caused by a low F-stop. Yours was set a little too low at f/4.5. I don’t say it shouldn’t stay low as much higher aperture would lead to clear background, but for this photo f/5.0 or f/5.6 would work much better. Besides these minor glitches that happen to everyone, this photo is really good and will make a great wallpaper or widget with Excio.

Tips to Improve Closeup Photography

I have few small ideas for you to try next time you, or anyone else reading this, who does close-up photography.

- Try different angles. With closeup photography it’s all about creativity - Try capturing the bug from above, from ground level (with your camera resting on the ground), or maybe go straight in front to catch its portrait, there’s always that one special angle that will make your photo stand out. - Go full macro - Capture just the most interesting part of the bug, like the wings or eyes. - Try waiting a bit to catch your subject in action, bugs doing their daily tasks are always super fun!

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