Photo Review - Cows by Julie Bowden

"This is an accidental photo. I was trying to take a shot of a white heron in the paddock, when these curious cows trotted over to investigate me! The boss is saying “Whatsup?” Julie Bowden

Initial Thoughts:

First of all, I have to say - thank you for this photo. It made my day! I always say the best photos are made by accident and your photo proves it. Your accidental models are just perfect! The composition is good, the focus is on point, the technical details are good, there’s really not much that could be done or said about this photo except - good job on capturing such lovely moment. The only small change I would do in post-processing is a bit of cleaning to make the photo look less like an accidental photo - I have outlined some of the distracting features below (a blurred ear and some extra feet) and then cloned them out in the last photo.

Now get out and capture some more accidental moment photos, this just proves why we should always have our camera at the ready!

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