Photo review - "Artistic Nature" by Ana L.

Tucked away beach in the Hawke's Bay area of New Zealand. We woke up to an amazing sunrise and I saw this very artistic bench waiting there just outside our tent to be photographed!

What this photo has going for it...

The Wide angle.

The thing I noticed straight away about this photo is that it was shot with a wide angle focal length. This is always a win-win situation when capturing photography that includes landscapes as the wide angle emphasises the variety and the dynamics of the scene. This was absolutely the right move for this photo.

Perfect composition.

The next thing that catches my eye is the perfect composition of this photo. In photography, especially when capturing 'dead nature photography', we should always respect the 'rule of thirds'. What does this mean? This means, that we always divide our frame with two horizontal and two vertical lines and we should always place our objects on one of the lines, or on one of the points where the lines meet.

As we can see on the image explanation above, the main object was placed just in the centre where the vertical and horizontal line meet, following the rule of thirds perfectly, making it a great composition of the photo.

Harmonised and Balanced colours.

A combination of colours that always work are blue and green. But the fact that the colour areas in this scene morph so nicely and cohesively into another is what really gives a calm and relaxing feel to this photo.

​Dynamic range.

Something also worth mentioning in this photo are the dynamic ranges. I'm talking about a good exposed photo that keeps its dynamic ranges well within the limits to keep all the details in the photo. To explain this in a simple fashion, that means that photographer took this shot in a way that neither the highlight areas lost any details nor did the shadows lose any details. That's sometimes hard to achieve without using some specific techniques just for that, especially on a sunny day when the sky is blue. See the image below to get a better idea of what I'm talking about:

As we can see, the highlighted areas of the blue sky and the sea are detailed and have their true colour - blue (they're not pale and bleached, which is a consequence of an overexposed highlights area), but at the same time, the highlighted areas of the main subject and the grass also have all the details and their true colour.


I love how this photo is simple and minimalistic. There isn't too much space to wander away, it just gets straight to the point, thanks to a perfect composition. You don't have any elements to keep you distracted while you have a great background to supplement the main subject as a secondary view.

Things that need improvement?

I actually couldn't spot anything on this photo that wasn't on point, so this one is just good as it is.

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