Photo Review - "Runaway"

Good Things About This Photo


The first thing I noticed on this photo is how symmetrical it is. If the scene has the characteristics to make a photo symmetrically doable, we should always go for it. It gives a specific, artistic look to a photo. Let's take a look at the image explanation below:

The whole idea of symmetry in a photo is to make one side of the photo look as much alike as it can to the other side. When we're about to make our photo symmetrical, we put an imaginary reference line between two base points. For this particular photo, our base points would be to the left and the right sides of the walkway. It's obvious from here that we should put our imaginary reference line right in the middle of the walkway. As we can see in the photo, the photographer did an absolutely great job of making the most out of this rule.


Since we don't have any near main subjects in this scene, we don't have to necessarily go with the 'rule of thirds', especially since the rule of symmetry is already applied. But there's one other thing the photographer did great here regarding the composition. The photographer took the photo in a way that the land part takes up almost a third of the whole photo, which is advisable in regards to the photo's composition. Let's take a look at the image explanation:

Dynamic Range

Another thing that is on point in this photo is the dynamic range. When we're talking about this parameter, that means that for this particular shot, it's well exposed and it's keeping it's dynamic ranges within the limits to keep all the details in the photo. That means that the photo was taken without losing any glorious blue colours of the sky, but at the same time kept the land and people nicely exposed (not overexposed). By that, we can conclude that none of the highlights, shadows nor midtone areas lost any details. This is sometimes hard to achieve, so this is something definitely worth noting.


This photo was shot whilst keeping some major photography rules in mind and that gives a special charm to the photo.

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