Photo Review - Lily by Jaime Crawford

"Single white lily against a black background with the main focus lines" - Jaime Crawford

Initial Thoughts

The exposure is perfectly balanced even when shooting with a flash, good job! The composition is simple but beautiful nonetheless and there's a good use of symmetry. The focus is razor sharp on the front side of the flower and the colours are lively and vibrant but still look natural.

How This Photo Could Be Improved

Depth of field

This photo was most likely taken with a wide aperture and/or at a longer focal length. The front part of the flower is in focus but nothing else it which results in a slightly strange look, it taking the viewer a couple of seconds of looking to realise that the subject is a flower.

There are two options to fix this depth of field problem. The first one is to shoot with a narrower aperture and/or at a shorter focal length. This way the photo would be sharper overall.

The second option is... Read more

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