Expert Critique: Street Photography by Graham Simpson

By Samuel Ogunlaja

By Graham Simpson. "I asked the male dressed as female at 2019 Cuba Dupa if i could take a photograph." Lower Cuba Street. Canon D80

Initial Thoughts

This is a very beautiful and interesting photograph. The first reason is because it's a man dressed and posed as a woman. That naturally calls for attention but one could easily note that the photographer choose the subject because of the interesting costume, makeup, jewelry and the dress in general.

Another interesting thing is the use of bright and warm colours in the subject and subtly in the background which helps to accentuate the mood of the photo, it being fun, playful and lively; synonymous with arts festivals and street carnivals.

The picture is well exposed with an obvious contrast that makes all the details clear, especially the face makeup and the costume. You can tell there was a fill light coming directly from the front which helps to expose all associating details with the subject – that is excellently done!

Nevertheless, this photograph could have been better shot if the photographer had been more mindful to include a few more details… Read more

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