In The Spotlight: The Celebration of #PhotographyForGood

How do you select the most interesting photos to go into the featured article that you know will be seen by thousands? It’s a huge responsibility and for our editorial team, the selection process becomes harder (and of course more exciting!) every month as our community and the number of amazing photos taken by our members grows.

It is so great to see our #PhotographyForGood values working though – every Excio user and follower can enjoy a great diversity of photographs with some interesting information about the subject of the photo, location, camera settings or even just a thought-provoking title which, believe us, makes a huge difference worldwide, one photo at a time.

Scroll to the very bottom and enjoy our selection of some of the most interesting photos from the last few weeks below being sure to read the captions to know what they are all about. You can check out more photographs and collections on our free Excio app too – get it on your phone from Google Play or App Store and enjoy seeing what our community comes up with as you go about your everyday life. And, if you're a photographer or visual artist, join our photo community and upload your own work so that next month, your own work could be featured here!

Barn Owl: Wingspan Birds of Prey Trust by Vandy Pollard

"Barn Owl have been recorded at scattered locations throughout New Zealand with an established and growing population in Northland. Barn Owl are classed as Native due to the fact they are breeding, after most likely being blown across the Tasman from Australia."

Fluffball by Dionne Solly

"Have you ever seen a baby seagull? I never knew they were so cute!! I took this image of a Red Billed Seagull chick at the Royal Albatross Colony on the Otago Peninsula."

Flight of the White Heron by Kim Free

"A white heron in flight at the Blaketown Wetlands, Greymouth, NZ" by KimFree

Kea Call by Gareth McKnight

"Another mug shot of a Kea at Nga Manu wildlife reserve in Waikanae."

Rough road to recovery by Tania Mackie

"Some beautiful light coming through on a drive into a bushwalk."

Sunset at Kauri Point by Tony@AEPNZ

"On a recent trip to Katikati to see my Grandmother we made a little trip round the coast to Kauri Point to check out the long Jetti there. It was right on Sunset and was just a beautiful spot to enjoy. . . Canon EOSR Tamron 24-70mm 2.8 G2 24mm f16 iso 50 SS 13" Sirui Pro Circular polarizer"

The Beacon by ChrisK

"Sheep looks over a beacon of light. Evening sun lighting up the valley below."

Waiting for the train by Peter McIlroy

"I love people watching when travelling, and tried to capture something of how we wait, all in our own world, as the train arrives. I deliberately handheld a low shutter speed to retain the motion of the train. 1/10 sec, f16, 35 mm(APS-C), ISO 100"

Bursting with colour by leewaddell

"I have previously posted this image as a black and white image in my macro collection. I chose to repost it with a pop of colour. This is a seedpod bursting with colour. Have a look at the B&W version and let me know which you prefer."

Warrior Princess by GumbootsandTiaras

"A photoshoot with swords, capes and bows and arrows. Iso 200, f8, 1/125 Christchurch"

Sunset spotlight by Kizwiz2019

"The right light can make the murkiest of water look beautiful."

Sunburst over the city by Lisa

"I had been working on getting this spot up the hill to get a sunset for weeks. Am so glad I chose this night and got a beautiful sunburst over Dunedin, NZ."

Singapore-2 by Susan Blick Photography

"Singapore's city skyline at dusk. Singapore is a great place to hone your photography. It's safe, compact and there is lots to see."

Prague city by Shona

"Prague city from Žižkov TV Tower. Fuji XT2, XF 18-135 at 18 mm. 1/125 sec @ f11."