In The Spotlight: The Latest Best Photos

Whilst going through the latest featured photographs from Excio members, we decided to share with you the amazing milestones that our photographic community has reached. We are proud to say we have more than 17,200 images shared on Excio in private and public collections and that these images have had 103.5 million views. In total these photographs have been clicked 1.67 million number of times which means our community – you – have inspired thousands of people to explore something new which is just awesome!

Last month we saw grizzly bears and sockeye salmon appearing on our screens for the first time thanks to the collections of Eyemac. But that’s not the only thing – we also had new uploads showing colour-bursting butterflies and the elephants and lions seen on safari so if you love wildlife, you will definitely want to explore the new photographs uploaded by Vandy Pollard, Red Nose, Garry Reid, Jo Lammas, Lynn Fothergill, Kizwiz, Cara Rintoul, Paula Vigus and Toya Heatley.

Sockeye Salmon, Grizzly Bear and Bald Eagle by Janice McKenna (Eyemac)

New Zealand Falcon, Butterfly and Ring-tailed Lemur by Toya Heatley

Cullen the Cavalier, Tui on Pohutukawa and Colours of the Takahe by Lynn Fothergill (Serendipity Photography)

Dishevelled after a Storm (left), Monarch Butterfly Caterpillars, Building Real Estate by Vandy Pollard

Tui bird by Cara Rintoul (left), Jo Lammas (top right), Kizwiz (bottom right)

Gnu in Dust Storm by Rudolph Kotze (Red Nose), Kotare - Sacred Kingfisher by Paula Vigus ( Photography) and Gannet by Gary Reid (Gazza)

We have a treat for nature and macro genre fans too – Lee Wadell, Lisa Yates, Argent Photography, Tania MacKie, Anna Menendez, Photoqueen, Bernadette Fastnedge, Fairlie Atkinson, Heather Maree Owens, Anita Ruggle and VickiFinz share their unique perspective on what can be photographed around us.

Pretty in Blue, Enchantment and Poppies by Vicki Finlay

Palm Pastels, Patterns in Nature, Prickly, Cable and Overlapping by Lee Waddell

Earthstar, Clavaria Zollingeri and Scarlet Flycap by Tania Mackie

Pohutukawa by Photoqueen (top left), Coming in to land by Photoqueen (top right), Protea by Anita Ruggle (bottom left), Foxglove (mid-bottom) and Joyful Dance of the Daisies (bottom right) by Heather Maree Owens

Pink Rose (top left) by Bernadette Fastnedge, Bunny Tails (top right) by Anna Menendez, Simplicity (bottom left) by Lisa Yates Photography, Flax Pod (mid-bottom) by Fairlie Atkinson, Cute Pest by Leanne Silver

If your holiday break finished earlier than you wanted it to, we can help you with satisfying your wanderlust. Lynn Fothergill, Dan Poulton, DionneS and Peter Laurenson take us on journeys far from home from India and Nepal to China, the Maldives and even Antarctica! Meanwhile, we're reminded that you don't have to venture too far from home to see new sights with Tania McKie taking us on a nighttime journey along the streets of Invercargill and Ann Kilpatrick, Lighthouse, Jesse Herberd, Lynn Fothergill, Brendon Putt, Tony@AEPNZ, Matt Davey, Jenkx, Ch@sing_HorizoNZ, ChrisK, SiWIlls, Simplykiwiphotography and Anita Ruggle also reminding us how beautiful New Zealand is.

Cathedral Cove (left) and Ohope Dawn (right) by Lighthouse

Civic Theater at Night (left) and The Park Bench (right) by Tania MacKie

Mount Te Aroha (left) and Bowentown Sunset (right) by Brendon Putt

Opiki Bridge Framed by the Trees by Tony@AEPNZ (top), Ohakune Road (bottom left) by Kizwiz and Plimmerton Sunset (bottom right) by Ann Kilpatrick

Sunset Silhouette (top), Shooting Star (bottom left) and Parawai Church (bottom right) by Anita Ruggle

Street Dog (top), Early Morning Feng Huang (bottom left), Buffalo (bottom right) by Serendipity Photography

Framed (left) by Jo Lammas, Wharariki Dreaming (middle) by Jesse Hebberd, Framed Sister (left) by Occasionalclimber

Blue Lake by Matt Davey (top left), Bird on the Wire by Jenkx (mid-top), Maldives Sunset by DionneS (top right), Shakespear Tree Star Trails by Ch@sing_HorizoNZ (bottom left), Just us in the World by ChrisK (bottom right)

Maori Bay Sunset, West coast, Auckland, NZ by SiWills

Capturing something that doesn’t exist in our material world is the most difficult challenge in photography. During the process of photographing objects, landscapes, or places you know what you are photographing but with people, as every moment unfolds you can be presented with a completely different photo opportunity. When capturing happiness, sadness, desire, love, loneliness, or excitement you need to be able to feel it, knowing what it “looks like” is not enough. Genuine and candid portraits taken by our members will no doubt make you pause and think. Cejphoto is sharing her new creative portraits while Lynn Fothergill, Parmeet Sahni, Occasionalclimber and Helen Dol show us that portrait photography is all about the depth of feelings, not the depth of field.

R Study by Charlotte Johnson (Cejphoto)

Street Brothers (left), 100 and Proud of It (top right), Eyes on You (bottom right) by Serendipity Photography

Smoky Eyes (left) by Parmeet Sahni, Roof Top (right) by Occasionalclimber

Garage Portrait by Helen Dol

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