Learn contrast and optical balance with the review of "Horsing Around"

Review by Matej Tandara

"Horsing Around" by Jan Abernethy

"This image was taken a while ago while on a drive. I saw one horse on the hill, got out of the car and took a few photos. The longer I waited another horse came over the hill, then another, until there were five horses on the ridge. Two boys, as you can see. The hill was on an angle so image taken as it was seen. I liked the darkness in the foreground but wanted a bit more darkness in the sky, so recently edited it in Silver FX. I cropped to 16x9. Taken on Olympus 40x150 ISO320 1/2500 f8. I'd love feedback on this image, how to make it better, cropping choice."

This photo is stunning in many ways - not only did the photographer perfectly execute the horses silhouettes against the cloudy sky but Jan also captured contrast between the subjects.

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