Nikon NZ joins Excio

A collection featuring some of the best images from Nikon's community is gracing the screens of Excio users' mobile devices around the world.

One of the first five photographs featured in IAMNZ collection on Excio (submitted to IAMNZ by David Jensen, "Petone Beach")

Nikon’s domestic website celebrates New Zealand's photographic talent with a creative community space for the photographer, whether pro or amateur. By sharing images from their favourite spots, IAmNewZealand helps make local photographers feel that they represent their region and country whilst also showing the world what New Zealand has to offer. Excio is very supportive of this idea, utilising the chance to showcase regional New Zealand through the lens of some of the best photographers to its worldwide audience.

Seeing themselves as “a proud partner in the creative expression of New Zealand’s community of storytellers”, Nikon is excited to be going on a visual journey, with striking images of the people and places that make New Zealand unique. These images will inspire and uplift – and probably give you all the urge to go out and capture the country!

Now passing a century in the world of optics, Nikon is the world leader in digital imaging, precision, and photo imaging technology. It is globally recognized for setting new standards in product design and performance for its award-winning consumer and professional photographic equipment.

Excio is only just turning 2 years old but has already won awards around the world and has reached 100k+ downloads. The place where visual discovery begins, Excio is an exclusive gallery app that displays images on previously inaccessible spaces – users mobile phone home screens.

Ana Lyubich, CEO of Excio, says “We are continuing to build a strong ecosystem for photographers, but at the same time, we are mindful that our users receive high quality, meaningful and interesting content. Partnering with Nikon NZ does exactly that - by displaying the "crème de la crème" of photographs submitted through IAmNZ on Excio we are able to keep our end users delighted and inspired whilst also providing photographers a unique opportunity to expand their reach."

Nikon New Zealand will be adding 5 images every week to their collection so as to keep content fresh and interesting for Excio users. By submitting through the IAMNZ website Nikon photographers have the chance of being featured on the Nikon NZ Excio account. Alternatively, photographers can sign up and create their own portfolio on Excio getting their images on phone screens around the world.

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