Photo Review: Capturing Light Trails with Lesley Scott

"One Way Or The Other" by Lesley Scott

"The idea to experiment with light trails came to me on my way from the reserve in Upper Hutt - as soon as I saw that blue light, I knew there was something special about it."

Initial Thoughts

The composition is outstanding and the subject itself is nice with the long exposure of speeding cars on the highway and the moody sky above it creating an awesome look. The contrast between the white headlights and the red tail lights is really good. The focus and sharpness could be a little better but it’s still a solid shot as taking longer exposures isn't easy.

Improving This Shot

Exposure/Dynamic range

The first thing that stands out while looking at this photo is how dark it is, it’s more than 1 stop underexposed. The photo overall could have been improved if the exposure was longer - it would make the light trails even longer which would look even better and secondly, it would make the photo brighter.

In this particular case it seems like the camera exposed for the sky, not the road. One way to fix this is... Read more

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