What's the 1 thing that's missing in this Paddock Bay photo?

Review by Samuel Ogunlaja, photo by Jacqui Scott

"Paddock Bay" by Jacqui Scott. "Arrived early at Paddock Bay, with gum boots on I walked into the lake and waited for the sun to rise above the mountain no clouds or wind but I like the light on the trees. Paddock Bay, Lake Wanaka." Olympus E-M5 Mark II

Initial Thoughts

This is a very attractive piece of art! One thing that’s very glaring (in a good way!) is the crisp outlook. The elements in the picture are easily differentiated (in terms of sharpness, colour, exposure) while still being complementary.

The photo is artistically sound; how the water body was perfectly able to reflect the details of the elements above it is tremendous; creating an awesome balance. Also, the rhythms formed by the mountains; the flow of lines which shows the similar shapes and the even spaces add to the aesthetics of the picture.

The rhythm and line flow of the mountain

Even more beautiful is the absence of ... Read more

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