Photo Review: The Reason "Why?" Behind Your Photos

By Samuel Ogunlaja

"Dry" by Adam Blacker

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Initial Thoughts

Macro Photography is the type of photography that emphasizes a relatively small subject, giving us the opportunity to appreciate a closeup, beautiful, and detailed view that one wouldn’t usually see.

With this photo you can imagine the story behind the photo thanks to the elements in the frame – a dry plant, dry grasses, green grasses, a building far away; these elements easily suggest a story that is based on the environment and the season.

Technically, this photo is good. The exposure is moderate; not overly or underexposed, which would post production quick and easy to do (if it is needed at all). The photographer also used a lower depth of field putting the subject in focus and blurring out the background. This is an important characteristic of macro photography. The photographer has really done a good job here helping us get close to nature and its beauty.

There are a few things however about this picture that could have been done better:

Clarity of the Subject

Giving the angle (and perhaps focal length), the subject of the photo is not clear enough to know what type of plant this is. It is important that viewers should be able to identify the plant as this can create more interest in the photo... Read more

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