Photography is My Meditation

By Ann Wheatley

Photography is my meditation. This claim often surprises people. They say, “When you’re photographing, you’re thinking, right? You’re analysing the scene and fiddling with the camera settings so how can photography possibly be your meditation?” What a great question!

Fog in the Richmond Ranges rising to reveal curving lines of road, field and forest. The Ranges stretch for 100 km from St. Arnaud to the coast, rising up behind the towns of Richmond Nelson and Blenheim. While plantation forest dominates this view, the native flora and fauna includes beech, rimu, totara, matai, miro and kahikatea. Blue duck, yellow-crowned parakeet, kaka and kiwi also live in the forests. Olympus OMD EM1 45 mm f/5.6 1/100 s ISO 200. By Ann Wheatley.

When I hold my camera, something magical happens. I open myself to the world and stop ruminating about things in the past or worrying about what the future might bring. I’m here, in the present moment, with full attention. But it hasn’t always been like this... Sign up to read more

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