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From capturing Spring in Aotearoa to visiting Nepal, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia, here's what our members have been busy seeing and doing in the last couple of weeks.

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Our Kiwi members were out and about capturing the arrival of spring in Aotearoa. You can feel it from the photos of Singing HiHi, Silvereye, Tui, Kingfisher, Manuka flowers and blossoming trees.

Marina de Wit and Macrophy shared their very special artistic shots of Magnolia and Winter flowers that can easily captivate your attention for hours.


Open Excio this week and you're bound to get itchy feet! Explore the world with new collections by Occassionalclimber (Peter Laurenson), SiWills (Simon Wills), Shona, Peter Kurdulija, Simplykiwiphotography and others.

If Nepal is on your bucket list, check out Peter Laurenson's photo “Classic Khumbu” and deep dive into the stories behind his photographs from Mt Everest. You can also delight over Susan Blick's photos of flags as with these prayer flags the Tibetans believe the prayers and mantras will be blown by the wind to spread the good will and compassion into all pervading space.

Jamie Richards ( reminds us that you new perspectives are always possible, even when a place has been photographed a thousand times before. We bet you never saw the iconic Super Tree Grove in Singapore from this birds eye view before!

Closer to home, Kirill takes us on a journey with “Black Titans” and leaves us very inspired with his shot of the glow worms at the Botanical Gardens.

We believe photography can spread the good and positivity to those who see it. Take the time to read the stories behind the photos and you'll instantly be teleported to Vietnam, China, New York, and other places thanks to the Excio community.


“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” said Albert Einstein and we obey his advice to the letter! Our creative community includes photography students from Kapiti College who have been sharing their experiments and creative approach to photography with star trails, neon and light painting, textures, pets, birds and everything in-between.


How long ago did you visit the zoo? With Excio you don't really need to leave home to see, admire, and learn more about wildlife. This week we have two cheetahs (By Kim Free and Vandy Pollard), a sea lion, a mandrill, plus a snow leopard to look at.

Humans of Planet Earth

Our next theme for NZPhotographer Magazine is “People and Portraits” but don't worry if you can't wait that long to get inspired. Samuel Ogunlaja has uploaded his new monochrome series, Kapiti College student Jordon Thompson has had his “In The Dark” photo selected to go on Excio whilst Twingle Mathaly's photo of “Kids Will Be Kids” says it all.

If you want more inspiration for people and portrait shots, check out the profiles of, Parmeet Sahni, Richard Brooker, Mandy Sidhu and Greg Arnold.

We hope you enjoy your day and remember – whenever you need inspiration, Excio is just one swipe away!

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