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Our editorial team looked back at some early images on Excio as well as the most recent additions and the photos below caught our attention this week.

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"Waiting for the ball" by Scott Cushman

"Tor bay weekends there's lots of dog owners taking their dogs for a walk. These two are best friends and the big one lets the little one take turns with him chasing the ball when you throw it." Scott Cushman, Digital Fish

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"Into the blue" by Leanne Silver

"As we battle a wet, windy cold snap in the middle of winter, it was so great to catch a solitary gull winging their way over the surf on a gloriously sunny winter morning at Waihi Beach. I just love the colours of the sun through the waves." Leanne Silver, Argent Photography

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"Sunrise atop Mauao/Mount Manganui" by Graham Jones

"Mauao / Mount Maunganui is my favourite place to wander with a camera. The Mount as the locals call her is an ever changing world. On one side is the entrance to the Tauranga Harbour and the other the city of Mount Maunganui. This shot was captured at dawn after a 3o minute walk to the summit. There was a slight offshore wind blowing creating a placid sea and the city was starting to wake. Shot with a wide angle lens at F8 with ISO 100."

Graham Jones, Lighthouse

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"Dotterel" by Marina de Wit

"Single Dotterel braving the wind at the Seashore."

Marina de Wit

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"The dark hedges" by Vicki Finlay

"The Dark Hedges in Ireland. We went on a day trip from London. It was the end of the day in early Autumn. Trying to get anything half decent was a mission between tourists and cars. Its a public road and yes, people were trying to drive down it."

Vicki Finlay, VickiFinz

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