What Makes Wellington – Wellington?

If you were to describe Wellington in one word to someone who has never been here, what would it be?

"Wellington Sunrise" by Kirill Lukyanovich

"The rising sun casts a pinkish glow over Wellington city. 85mm, 1/2 Sec exposure, f/8, ISO-100 Wellington, New Zealand"

When it comes to this coolest little capital it’s hard to choose just one thing that we love about it. The people, atmosphere, architecture, nature, wildlife, coffee, wind… Wellington is great at it all!

"Fluff up your Tutu and Dance" by Vandy Pollard

"Gale winds in Wellington this week: this tiny Tauhou or Silvereye weighing only 13 grams hanging on tight."

Although it is the second largest city in New Zealand, you will find that Wellington is quite compact so everything is within walking distance which makes it great for us photographers who might be wandering around with our camera on our lunch break or at the weekend. From historical buildings to modern new builds, museums to night adventures it has it all.

"Clyde Quay" by Ann Kilpatrick

"Floating high and bright on Clyde Quay. A view to the sky."

"Urban Light" by Ann Kilpatrick

"Evening lights for the Matariki celebrations in Wellington."

Within a few minutes of hopping in your car you can explore the Botanic Gardens, Zealandia, Otari-Wilton’s Bush, Wellington Zoo or find yourself on the beach during our warmer seasons (Peter Maiden, Vandy Pollard, Judi Lapsley Miller, Capture+, Eyemac, Natalie Clarke (CwtC), Tanya Rowe and others).

"Portrait of a Tui" by Judi Lapsley Miller

"The quintessential tūī - with lacy collar and fluffy poi - each feather perfectly defined."

"Winter Oasis" by Vandy Pollard

"This waterfall was beautifully framed by the lush green foliage after a morning downpour at Wellington Botanic Gardens. 60mm 2.8"

Don’t forget about the festivals either – Cuba Dupa , Matariki, as well as other cultural festivals where you can often enjoy a fireworks display.

"Matariki Skylights" by Ann Kilpatrick

"Fireworks over Wellington Harbour to celebrate Matariki."

Being the capital city of New Zealand, Wellington is the heart of our country and more often than not is at the centre of public newsworthy events. Remember the 2019 climate strike? We do thanks to the amazing photos by Greg Arnold.

"Emergency Smoke Flare" by Greg Arnold

"Smoke Flare leads the Ext. Reb. Protest. Wgtn NZ"

Just a few kilometres from the city you will find the wonderful Staglands Wildlife Reserve – an ideal place for wildlife photographers who want to practice their skills, enabling them to get up close and personal with the wild photogenic models!

"Peacock" by Zhanna

"One of my most favorite places to visit and take photos of the animals. This time it was this beautiful peacock. 135mm, f/2, Exp 1/200, ISO 100 Staglands, Upper Hutt"

Opportunities for nature and macro photographers are all around too but more challenging due to our sometimes extreme weather conditions and almost constant wind. On days when you find the weather is spoiling your plans, be creative and try some intentional movement techniques like in this brilliant example by ArtVandelay.

"Rothko Impressions" by ArtVandelay

"Taken in the Wellington Botanical Gardens New Zealand"

As we all know, the greatest power of photography is to capture moments and memories and preserve history. Members of the Excio Photo Community are doing an amazing job by sharing the views through their lens with us and we thought we must celebrate it. That’s why we have launched our first group collection about Wellington on our Excio app – download the free app now and explore how Wellington is seen by our top members (You can find the new collection under the Collections tab – Wellington). To view more of Wellington at its best be sure to explore the collections of Emre Simtay, Chris McKeown, The Untrained Eye and Mike Bouchier as well.

"Mt Victoria Lookout, Wellington" by Chris McKeown