Young Talents

Cooper portrait 2.jpg

Cooper Madsen


With our 'Fair Trade Photography' concept our vision is to make photography a rewarding career or hobby choice for students. 

The fact that there are billions of photographs published daily does not devalue good photography - to be able to raise the next new generation of photographers we need young fresh talent to thrive and provide us with new perspectives and views. 


Group exhibition

We are working with schools, universities, and communities to help young photographers showcase their work - it is a great confidence boost and support on their learning path.

We provide group accounts so that you can exhibit photographs from as many young talents as possible.  Their work will then be published on our Blog and in a special edition of the Excio Journal. 


Sophie Pitt


Ethan Calder


Every month we run a free competition for young talents - up to 18 years of age (inclusive).


The winner will receive a one year membership to Excio and can start sharing their photography, stories, and even offer their work for sale on our ExcioShop. 


Young Talent Competition