Submission Guidelines 


Welcome to Excio – we are thrilled to see you here! Let’s get the basics out of the way first.

At Excio we strive to provide the best experience for our users who receive your images on their mobile device screens. We also want to make sure that Excio works for you and brings you lots of new website visits, followers and appreciators.

What is Excio?

Excio shows images on the homescreen/background of users mobile phones around the world. Users may engage with the photos by double tapping on them or swiping on the screen to find out more whether they're interested in knowing the location, the species, or who created the image.

Excio is not another Instagram or Facebook, it's a place for images that trigger curiosity.

Would you be curious enough to tap or swipe to learn more if you saw someone’s selfie? Probably not! The same relates to personal, family photos or snaps done on the go – what people eat for breakfast, what happens in the studio and so on. 


How can you feature your work on Excio?


Think of Excio as an online exhibition where you are invited to showcase your work and tell your story. You’ll be given the opportunity to share as much information as possible about yourself and your work with links to your website and social media profiles as well as call to action buttons allowing people to connect with you on and off of Excio whether your mission is to gain new fans and followers, make more sales, or open yourself up for collaborations.


All images go through the review process

Our moderators will review all images that you upload to Excio – it is to make sure all users of our platform receive the best experience from using it.

What kind of images are accepted?

The goal of Excio is to engage your audience in a new way, showcasing the best photos in your portfolio so that people get interested and read more about you and your work, visit your website to buy or learn/see more.


Your images do not need to be photoshopped, they do not need to be 'professional', they don't need to be 'perfect'. A big part of Excio is the story behind the photo, if your description says “photo from my party last night” it will unlikely make someone curious to find out more!

Photos should not be of personal/family nature

E.g. selfies, family portraits etc unless they are taken from a creative/art perspective.

Photos must meet the minimum size requirements

For a standard photo, the minimum requirement is at least 1000px on the shortest side.


Images must be your own original work

You must own the rights to any photo you share.


Photos should not have borders, graphics, text, or watermarks overlayed on them


Photos must not contain nudity

While we appreciate the beauty of nude portraiture, Excio is for people of all ages and photos are displayed on the home screen of mobile devices making them visible to others around them.


Photos must not contain violent imagery, advertising, or promotion of alcohol and drugs

Photos should be sharp

Not blurred or out of focus unless it forms an artistic feature/style of your work.


Photos should not be over edited

Our interpretation of over-editing includes (but not limited to):



Incorrect editing done e.g. replaced background is obvious